Restaurant Charges Customer $15 "A-Hole" Fee

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A Couple Stumbles Upon a Bizarre Line Item on Their Expensive Dinner Bill, Sparking a Viral Frenzy Online

The $15 Charge That Left a Husband Speechless: His Dinner Receipt Bears an Unbelievable Message

Diners Left Stunned as Server 'Katie' Adds Unexpected Charge to Their Night Out at Beaverton's Westgate Bourbon Bar and Taphouse in Oregon

Fortunately, the gentleman had an epiphany just in time, averting a potential confrontation

My wife and I celebrated her birthday at a restaurant, enjoying cocktails. However, when the bill arrived, I couldn't recall the name of my cocktail, which turned out to be quite the memorable one, 'You're an A–hole, Mr. Burton

The lively concoction comprises gin, port, lime juice, honey, peach bitters, and egg white, elegantly presented in a coupe glass with a delightful brown sugar drizzle, as described by the restaurant

Adding to the intrigue, another item on the bill, the 'Fried Chicken Tit' priced at $18, also caught the attention of the online community

"The 'Fried Chicken Tit' is a delectable sandwich featuring a fried chicken breast paired with Havarti cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, basil, and zesty mustard aioli, all nestled within a grilled ciabatta bun."

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