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iOS 17 Best New Features StandBy Mode Custom Message Stickers

By Agatha

Sep 17, 2023


Ios 17 Introduces a Range of Exciting Features Designed to Elevate Your Daily Tasks and Activities. These Enhancements Aim to Make Your Everyday Experiences More Convenient and Enjoyable.

Personalise Phone Calls - Customize the Caller Display When You Make a Call, Allowing You to Shape the Impression You Leave With Others.

Consolidated Stickers Hub - Easily Access All Your Live Stickers, Emojis, Memojis, and Various Sticker Packs From a Single Location.

Expanded Sticker Integration - Now, You Can Employ Stickers Across a Wider Range of Contexts. Utilize Markup to Insert Stickers Into Photos, Documents, Screenshots, and Various Other Media.

Immersive Live Activities and Instant Siri Insights - Enjoy Live Activities in Full-screen Mode and Receive Siri Results at a Quick Glance.

Control Music, Dim Lights, and More Directly From Widgets

Effortlessly Exchange Numbers with NameDrop: Just bring your phones in close proximity to trigger the transfer through AirDrop.

Kickstart Shareplay: Simply Bring Two Iphone Devices in Close Proximity to Initiate a Shareplay Session Instantly.

The Journal App Offers a Fresh and Modern Approach to Preserving Your Cherished Memories.

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