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Top Boy Season 5 Epic Finale: A TV Masterpiece That Stands Among the All Time Best



Top Boy Season 5 Epic Finale: A TV Masterpiece That Stands Among the All Time Best

“In its Grand Finale, Top Boy Delivers a Gripping Conclusion: Dushane and Sully at the Brink of a Violent Showdown

The comparisons to HBO’s iconic series, The Wire, have always loomed large over Netflix’s Top Boy. While The Wire showcased Baltimore’s sprawling drug trade and its corrupting influence, Top Boy carved its own unique path in British storytelling. In its final season, the show not only lives up to its American counterpart but also delivers six tense, kinetic, and emotionally charged episodes, pushing its complex anti-heroes to the brink.

From the outset, it’s clear that only one can emerge as the true “Top Boy” in the unforgiving landscape of Hackney’s Summerhouse estate. Childhood friends turned drug kingpins, Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), find themselves in an inevitable showdown for supremacy, even if it means ruling over ashes.

The final season picks up the pieces from the previous one, with Summerhouse estate still reeling from drugs, corrupt authorities, a harsh Home Office, and the tragic murder of young dealer Ats. The characters face a relentless barrage of twists and tragedies. Dushane is dragged back into the drug trade when his money laundering scheme falls apart. Sully grapples with paranoia and confronts the violent Irish McGee gang. While Dushane and Sully remain central, the supporting cast, including fan-favorite Jaq (Jasmine Jobson), shines in their own right. Jaq’s efforts to help Kieron (Joshua Blissett) avoid deportation to Rwanda and her sister’s addiction struggles add depth to the narrative. The most poignant storyline belongs to Stefan, who navigates grief and finds glimmers of hope in teenage romance.

Barry Keoghan’s portrayal of crime lord Jonny adds another layer of intensity to the series, with his menacing presence and penchant for severed heads. The final season raises the stakes in terms of brutality but never loses sight of the complexity of its characters and their community. Crime and ambition prove an inescapable vortex for Dushane and Sully, whose egos and wealth come at great human cost.

Throughout its run, Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson have delivered nuanced and compelling performances, showcasing the depth of their characters. Walters brings a chilling charisma to Dushane, making him equally believable as a suitor to his girlfriend Shelley (Simbi Ajikawo) and as a ruthless threatener. Robinson portrays Sully with a jittery, self-loathing intensity that defines his character.

In its final episode, Top Boy serves an explosive culmination of chaos, violence, and tension that has been building throughout the series. The camera rarely rests as the estate descends into chaos, with powerful monologues, emotional farewells, and violence carrying the weight of human loss. As Sully aptly states, “We’re not monsters, we’re food” – prey to a world ready to consume them. Yet, the show paints them as multi-dimensional men trapped in a Shakespearean tragedy. While there can only be one Top Boy, there are countless reasons to recommend this gripping and impactful conclusion.

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