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The Sturgeon Super Blue Moon is coming to Goa – don’t miss it



The Sturgeon Super Blue Moon is coming to Goa - don't miss it

“Rare Sturgeon Super Blue Moon to Illuminate Goa’s Night Sky on August 31, 2023″

On the captivating evening of August 31, 2023, residents of Goa will be treated to the extraordinary sight of the Sturgeon Super Blue Moon gracing the celestial stage.

What sets this celestial event apart is the exceptional occurrence of three consecutive Supermoons in the span of just two months – July and August. The month of August holds the distinction of hosting two full Supermoons within its calendar duration. And the climax of this Supermoon trilogy for 2023 promises to be the grandest, most luminous, and utterly captivating full Moon display of the entire year.

This Supermoon spectacle will unfold in proximity to the star Altair, also known as Shravan Nakshatra, situated in the constellation of Aquila. This alignment grants the month its traditional Indian name, “Shravan,” in the lunar calendar.

As the Moon graces the sky on the 31st of August, it will position itself at the Perigee point of its orbit, making it appear a staggering 14 percent larger and brighter than any other full Moon witnessed throughout this year.

Enthusiasts residing in North Goa can partake in an observation session at the Public Astronomical Observatory in Panjim, as well as the Vidhya Prabhodini High School in Porvorim. The Panjim observatory will also feature a special program discussing the intricate dynamics of this celestial phenomenon, commencing at 7:30 pm as part of the event.

For those in South Goa, the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao will be the designated site for observing this mesmerizing event. At all three venues, the program extends a warm invitation to the general public, offering an open and free experience from 7 pm to 9 pm on August 31, 2023.

Mark your calendars for this exceptional celestial rendezvous:

Event: Sturgeon Super Blue Moon Observation

Locations: North Goa (Public Astronomical Observatory in Panjim and Vidhya Prabhodini High School in Porvorim), South Goa (Ravindra Bhavan in Margao)

Date: August 31, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Admission: Free

Prepare to be captivated by the ethereal magic of the Sturgeon Super Blue Moon as it casts its luminous glow upon the skies of Goa.

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