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Sky Urgent Warning: Regulatory Red Tape Puts UK Creative Sector at RiskSky Urgent Warning: Regulatory Red Tape Puts UK Creative Sector at Risk



Sky Urgent Warning: Regulatory Red Tape Puts UK Creative Sector at Risk

UK-based broadcaster Sky has urged the British government to address regulatory burdens that threaten to impede the creative sector. The call comes as the government prepares to launch a review of television trends. Sky expressed concern in a report ahead of the Royal Television Society conference that a significant portion of its resources is consumed by regulatory obligations, with one day a week of technology resources dedicated to compliance at substantial costs. The company proposed the introduction of an “innovation impact assessment,” mandating government departments to assess the impact of new rules on companies’ capacity to innovate.

Sky’s CEO, Dana Strong, emphasized the growth potential of the media and entertainment industry due to international demand for British content, projecting a £10 billion boost to the UK’s GDP by 2033. Sky estimates a 50% growth in demand, driven by British TV companies’ strong presence in the global market. Sky also called for government support in streamlining planning processes and reconsidering property tax ratings for studio infrastructure to facilitate the development of new studio spaces across the country.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer, addressing the TV conference, will outline plans to expand the creative industries by £50 billion and create one million additional jobs by 2030. She pledged to protect viewers dependent on free-to-air services as more TV content shifts online, assuring that they won’t be left behind. A new initiative will study future TV trends to inform long-term policy decisions regarding the commitment to keep Freeview channels available until at least 2034.

Frazer will emphasize the government’s intent to encourage innovation and technological development in the sector while ensuring continued accessibility to terrestrial television for the foreseeable future.

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