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Korean Zombie Jung Chan-sung Epic Battle Against Holloway Ends in Round 3 KO – A Legendary Career Comes to a Close



Korean Zombie Jung Chan-sung Epic Battle Against Holloway Ends in Round 3 KO – A Legendary Career Comes to a Close

Headline: “Legendary ‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan-sung Bids Farewell After Thrilling Battle with Holloway”

In a riveting showdown at ‘UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Korean Zombie’, renowned Korean mixed martial artist ‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan-sung (age 36) put on a courageous display against Max Holloway (31, USA) but ultimately met defeat in the third round by KO.

In a dramatic twist, despite the odds, Jung Chan-sung opted for an aggressive approach instead of playing it safe, charging at Max Holloway with his remaining strength after enduring a barrage of blows.

Even in the face of relentless punches from Holloway, Jung Chan-sung, true to his moniker ‘Korean Zombie’, extended his fists defiantly till the very end. However, his attempts to bridge the gap with Holloway fell short as Holloway tactically stepped back sensing victory.

The main event featherweight bout, held at Singapore Indoor Stadium, concluded with Jung Chan-sung succumbing to Holloway in the third round.

An emotional moment followed when Chansung Jung, handed the microphone post-match, quivered as he declared, “I’ll stop.” This marked the poignant conclusion of a remarkable 16-year journey that saw the rise of the ‘Zombie’ in the MMA arena.

“I’ve decided to retire because my ultimate goal was to become a champion. I believed I could defeat Holloway and I prepared without any regrets,” he stated with a trembling voice. “I didn’t enter this sport to settle for third, fourth, or fifth place. I aspired to be a champion, but despite my best efforts, I couldn’t overcome the top contenders. It’s time for me to retire gracefully.”

A symbolic moment unfolded as Jung Chan-sung removed his gloves and placed them meticulously on the octagon canvas. Overwhelmed with emotion, he remained seated there for a while, his shoulders shaking.

While Jung had initially thought he might break into tears, he later confessed, “I thought I was going to cry, but the tears won’t come.”

As the iconic tune “Zombie” by The Cranberries played, Jung Chan-sung made his exit from the octagon, embracing his weeping wife as the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

A trailblazer in Korean MMA, Jung Chan-sung held the distinction of being the sole Korean fighter to have secured championship titles, accomplishing this feat twice.

In 2013, an unfortunate knee injury thwarted his challenge against Jose Aldo (Brazil), and last year, he faced defeat against Alexander Volkanovski (Australia).

Notably, Volkanovski reigned supreme as the dominant figure in the UFC featherweight division, overcoming both Chan-sung Jung and Max Holloway, who vanquished Jung on the same night.

Despite a previous declaration of retirement due to frustration after the Volkanovski loss, Jung Chan-sung rallied for another shot, this time against Holloway’s formidable challenge.

While his body yielded to Holloway’s blows, Jung Chan-sung’s spirit remained unyielding, withstanding the canvas as the chapter of his illustrious UFC featherweight career came to an end.

Jung Chan-sung concluded his MMA journey with back-to-back UFC encounters, notably against featherweight champion Volkanovski and top-ranked contender Holloway.

The victor of the night, Holloway, exuded profound respect for Chan-sung Jung. Their camaraderie was evident as they shook hands after the first round, and Holloway personally assisted Jung in settling into his corner after the third-round KO.

Acknowledging Jung’s legacy, Holloway praised, “Chung Chan-sung is both a legend and an enigmatic athlete. I consider myself fortunate that my punches connected first in that KO moment.”

The showdown marked the end of an era for Jung Chan-sung, a revered figure whose impact and spirit have left an indelible mark on the world of MMA.

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