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Kim Jong Un Urgent Call: Strengthening North Korea Naval Forces



Kim Jong Un Urgent Call: Strengthening North Korea Naval Forces

“Kim Jong Un Calls for Strengthening North Korea’s Naval Forces Amidst Concerns of Regional Instability”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has urged the reinforcement of the country’s naval capabilities, citing concerns that the waters surrounding the Korean peninsula have become highly unstable and prone to the risk of nuclear conflict, according to state media KCNA. Kim’s comments were made during a speech commemorating Navy Day.

In his address, Kim criticized what he referred to as the “gang bosses” of the United States, Japan, and South Korea for their decision to conduct regular joint military exercises. This reference seems to pertain to their recent summit held on August 18 at Camp David, Maryland. During this unprecedented gathering, the leaders of the three nations, in the face of China’s growing influence and North Korea’s nuclear threats, concurred on the need to enhance both military and economic collaboration.

Kim Jong Un Urgent Call: Strengthening North Korea Naval Forces

Kim asserted that the waters around the Korean Peninsula have transformed into a focal point for global military hardware and have become exceedingly unpredictable due to the confrontational actions of the United States and other antagonistic forces. Notably, he highlighted the danger of nuclear warfare in this context.

Addressing the ongoing Ulchi Freedom Shield summer exercises between South Korea and the United States, designed to bolster their collective response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities, Kim denounced these drills as a rehearsal for war, a stance North Korea has consistently taken.

Kim emphasized the need for North Korea’s navy to maintain constant combat readiness, prompting a modernization of weaponry and equipment. He further asserted that the country’s navy would serve as an integral part of its state nuclear deterrence strategy, carrying out its strategic responsibilities in this regard.

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