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From Sweet to Sizzling Unveiling the Scandalous Secrets of Chocolate City Two Steamy Sequels You Won’t Believe What Happens Next



From Sweet to Sizzling Unveiling the Scandalous Secrets of Chocolate City Two Steamy Sequels You Won't Believe What Happens Next

This Saturday’s Supercine film (26) features “Chocolate City” (2015), a captivating choice for enthusiasts of the “Magic Mike” franchise due to its focus on a strip club within the narrative. The airing on Globo is scheduled for 01:15. For those who revel in the film’s allure, the good news is that two additional sequels are available, each offering more intriguing aspects to explore.

Directed by Jean-Claude La Marre, known for works like “The Pastor and Mrs. Jones,” the film revolves around the journey of college student Michael McCoy, portrayed by Robert Ri’chard. Amid his quest for employment, he encounters the owner of a strip club and discerns an unprecedented opportunity to generate earnings beyond his imagination.

The ensemble cast is led by acclaimed figures such as Vivica A. Fox, recognized for her role in “Independence Day,” DeRay Davis from “Angels of Law,” Michael Jai White, renowned for “Spawn, Soldier from Hell,” and Darrin Dewitt Henson, notable for his participation in “The Family Business.”

The saga continues with “Chocolate City 2: Vegas” (2017), where the Chocolate City dancers embark on a collective journey to Las Vegas. Their objective is to partake in a nationwide strip competition, vying for a substantial cash prize of half a million dollars.

Returning to reprise their roles are several key cast members including Vivica A. Fox, Michael Jai White, and Robert Ri’chard. Newcomers also join the ranks, including former Spice Girl Mel B, who appears in “Squad 6,” Erica Burton from “Dreamgirls,” and Gabriel Casseus, recognized for his role in “Endiabrado.”

“Chocolate City 3: Live Tour” (2022) advances the narrative from the triumph of the previous year’s national strip competition in Las Vegas. The Chocolate City strip team encounters both highs and lows. Michael, their lead dancer portrayed by Robert Ri’chard, grapples with the unexpected loss of his mother. Additionally, the reality show that followed their victory in Vegas sees dwindling ratings and unforeseen setbacks, ultimately leading to its discontinuation.

Now, the focus shifts back to their core expertise: dancing. Assisted by Mr. Williams, the Chocolate City dancers gear up for an expansive multi-city tour, striving to reclaim their former allure. Yet, personal trials and internal intrigues resurface, posing potential hindrances to their plans.

The “Chocolate City” trilogy delves into a world of dance, competition, personal growth, and camaraderie, inviting audiences to journey alongside these characters as they navigate the challenges of their unique profession and personal lives.

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