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Formula 1 Forced to Reconsider $2.5 Million Demand After Backlash from Clubs and Restaurants



Formula 1 Forced to Reconsider $2.5 Million Demand After Backlash from Clubs and Restaurants

“Las Vegas Grand Prix: High Stakes and Controversies Surround Upcoming Event

The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is ready to rev up the excitement on the streets of Sin City this November. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has committed a substantial investment of $19.5 million over a three-year period to sponsor this thrilling event. With Formula 1’s parent company, Liberty Media, already investing a whopping $500 million in the event’s infrastructure, expectations are soaring for substantial returns. However, a recent move by Formula 1 might result in a costly setback, potentially amounting to $2,500,000.

Furthermore, Formula 1, the owner of the circuits, has poured millions into the renovation of the iconic strip and surrounding streets in preparation for the race. This ambitious endeavor has fueled high anticipation, positioning the event as a highlight of the season. With substantial investments in the mix, Formula 1 envisions this Grand Prix as a potential spectacle that could even overshadow the Super Bowl in terms of impact.

Nevertheless, the event has been mired in controversy due to Formula One’s demand for licensing fees from venues located within 3.8 miles of the circuit. Initially, the racing league sought to impose licensing fees of around $50,000 on bars and restaurants situated along the circuit. This move sparked backlash from local businesses, leading to a reconsideration of the licensing fees.

The New York Post reports that Formula 1 had aimed to charge a significant fee of $1,500 per person to venues in close proximity to the race track. This would have amounted to a staggering $3 million for larger establishments capable of accommodating 2,000 people. However, in response to the outcry from local businesses, Formula 1 has decided to scale down the licensing fees considerably.

On the construction front, the Las Vegas GP track has encountered some setbacks. While work on paddock facilities has commenced, progress appears to be sluggish. These facilities are strategically located away from the heart of the city, offering flexibility in design. Despite the construction challenges, organizers remain steadfast in their commitment to host the race as scheduled.

The much-anticipated Grand Prix, set to take place on November 19, is projected to attract around 300,000 fans over the course of three days. Formula 1 has already heavily invested in the event, but concerns arise from the unfinished track and its readiness to meet the high standards expected for the race.

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