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Former Bachelor Heartthrob Mom Takes Center Stage: Matt James Cheers as His Mother Joins Golden Bachelor



Former Bachelor Heartthrob Mom Takes Center Stage: Matt James Cheers as His Mother Joins Golden Bachelor

“Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Matt James Cheers On His Mom, Patty James, as She Joins ‘The Golden Bachelor‘”

In a heartwarming turn of events, former “Bachelor” star Matt James is showing his full support for his mother, Patty James, who is set to make her appearance as a contestant on “The Golden Bachelor.” Patty, at the age of 70, is embarking on a journey to win the heart of “Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner, aged 71. When ABC recently unveiled the cast for Season 1 of this exciting spinoff, Matt James wasted no time in expressing his pride and excitement over his mother’s participation.

The commercial real estate agent took to his Instagram story to share a captivating photo of his mom, dressed to impress for “The Golden Bachelor.” In the post, he playfully wrote, “I ccc uuu mama,” as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. Matt, the franchise’s first Black leading man, also showered his mom’s Instagram post promoting the show with a series of flaming-heart emojis, further demonstrating his enthusiasm.

Rachael Kirkconnell, who received Matt James’ “final rose” on the 25th season of “The Bachelor,” also joined in celebrating Patty James’ journey to find love. The couple, whose relationship faced controversy during their season, remains together. Rachael expressed her support for Patty on her Instagram story, saying, “She’s ready to find love,” while tagging Patty James. Patty warmly responded with gratitude, saying, “Thank you, sweet Rachael!”

According to Bachelor Nation’s website, Patty James, a retired real-estate professional hailing from Durham, N.C., has a zest for life and enjoys activities such as playing ping pong and relaxing poolside with a good book. After being single for three decades, Patty is eager to share her positivity and zest with a loving partner. Her “fun facts” section reveals her love for coffee, passion for sailing, and fondness for body glitter.

In a statement, Patty James expressed her desire to meet someone who loves and cherishes her, with whom she can spend her golden years. ABC introduced “The Golden Bachelor” as an exciting offshoot of the popular dating show, focusing on contestants in their 60s and 70s, a refreshing departure from the usual younger contestants.

The inaugural star of “The Golden Bachelor,” Gerry Turner, has already touched the hearts of viewers by sharing his deep love for his late wife, Toni, with whom he spent 43 wonderful years. Now, supported by his children, Gerry is embarking on a new quest for love, aiming to prove that individuals in their 60s and 70s possess boundless energy and vitality.

The first season of “The Golden Bachelor” is set to premiere on September 28th on ABC. Gerry Turner expressed the hope that the show will emphasize the wisdom that comes with age and the unique perspectives of older generations, showcasing their life experiences and valuable insights.

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