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D-Day for Demolition: Old I-74 Bridge Remains Set for Explosive Sunday Finale



D-Day for Demolition: Old I-74 Bridge Remains Set for Explosive Sunday Finale

“Explosive Demolition: Iowa Department of Transportation Set to Bring Down Old I-74 Bridge Towers”

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – Anticipation is building as the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) prepares to use controlled explosives to bring down the remaining towers of the old I-74 Bridge on Sunday.

The first phase of the bridge’s demolition took place on June 18, drawing crowds of spectators who witnessed the dramatic plunge of the Westside arches into the water. Months of meticulous planning have gone into orchestrating this controlled explosion.

Ahmad Abu Afifeh, IDOT’s project manager overseeing the demolition, confirmed that the same high-grade explosives, combined with advanced electrical components, will be utilized for this blast.

“The procedure will be quite similar to the previous demolition,” Afifeh explained. “We will be taking down both the larger and smaller towers, as well as the cables. Moreover, we will be conducting underwater blasting to remove certain piers from the previous demolition. This additional step will help integrate these components with the new bridge.”

Meanwhile, residents and onlookers are seizing the opportunity to capture final glimpses of the old bridge through photographs and videos.

Reflecting on the transformation of the Quad Cities over the past four decades, local residents Mike and Charlotte Flanagan shared their sentiments. “The new bridge is a remarkable improvement,” they noted. They recalled the challenges posed by the old bridge’s treacherous conditions, particularly in winter and due to its narrow lanes. The Flanagans expressed appreciation for the positive changes underway.

As the demolition takes place, road closures are to be expected on Sunday. IDOT has urged residents to remain at home during the operation.

The scheduled demolition is set to commence at 7:30 a.m.

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