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Brock Purdy Deep Ball Redemption: Vows to Hit Receivers in Stride Ending Overthrows



Brock Purdy Deep Ball Redemption: Vows to Hit Receivers in Stride Ending Overthrows

Quarterback Brock Purdy delivered a commendable performance in the 49ers’ 30-23 triumph over the Rams this past Sunday. His stat line boasted 17 completions on 25 attempts for 206 yards, and he even managed to secure a rushing touchdown with a QB sneak right before halftime.

However, Purdy’s day had the potential to be exceptional if he had connected on some deep passes with his receivers. In the first half, he had a golden opportunity with Brandon Aiyuk downfield, and in the second half, he had Deebo Samuel open deep over the middle and missed another chance with Juaun Jennings. Regrettably, all three passes sailed too far, a mistake that Purdy took full responsibility for after the game.

Purdy admitted, “Those are on me. I’ve got to be better. I’ve got to hit them in stride and not overthrow them. Simple as that.” He went on to mention that he had successfully completed those deep throws during practice but acknowledged the challenge of executing them in game situations. He stressed the importance of delivering precise throws as an NFL quarterback, accepting the responsibility for those missed opportunities.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged the missed deep attempts but also praised Purdy for protecting the football and avoiding turnovers. Shanahan stated, “The main thing he did today was protect the ball. Besides those three misses, which none of them were easy, but he took care of the football, didn’t give them a chance to touch it. And when he was under duress, he was smart.”

Purdy’s performance over the first two games of the season has been promising, with a 67 percent completion rate, 426 passing yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions, resulting in a commendable 102.9 passer rating. Furthermore, Purdy maintains an unblemished record as a starting quarterback in the regular season, winning all seven of his initial starts.

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